35 Best Day Trips from Prague – Ultimate Local’s Guide (2024)

Best Day Trips from Prague

Let’s set aside the indescribable beauty of historic Prague and venture together to discover more of the Czech Republic’s treasures. If you’re spending more days here, we highly recommend going beyond Prague to discover more beautiful spots, castles, and enchanting historical towns. Unlike other websites that often list day trips to destinations too far to … Read more

Prague Public Transport from A to Z: All You Need to Know!

Prague Public Transport from A to Z

Prague public transport system is renowned for its efficiency, affordability, and extensive network. It’s very reliable, convenient, and safe. It was recently ranked as the second-best public transport in the world in a survey by renowned magazine TimeOut. In this article, we will provide you with all the important information you need – types, tickets, … Read more

1 Day in Prague Itinerary: Best of Prague in 24 Hours (by Locals)

1 Day in Prague Itinerary: Best of Prague in 24 Hours (by Locals)

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to experience the best of Prague in just 24 hours! Unlike typical travel bloggers who pass through the city for a brief visit, we are locals who have explored every nook and cranny of this enchanting city. We’ve walked these streets countless times with our international friends, and … Read more

59 Prague Hidden Gems & Non-touristy Things to Do

59 Prague Hidden Gems & Non-touristy Things to Do

Prague, the city of a Hundred Spires, is famous for its stunning architecture and deep history. While many tourists flock to well-known spots like Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, the city has much more to offer. As locals, we will take you off the usual tourist path to explore hidden gardens, unique art spaces, and … Read more

65 Amazing FREE Things to Do in Prague (Local’s Guide)

Free Things to Do in Prague

What I love about Prague is that you can see all the important buildings, churches, and places completely for free. You can spend 2 days walking through Prague without an obligation to pay anything while enjoying both historical and modern places. So here is a list of best things to do in Prague for free. … Read more

Prague Street Food Bucket List: 17 Delights You Can’t Miss

Prague Street Food Bucket List

The historic city of Prague, often referred to as the “Heart of Europe”, is renowned for its architectural marvels, meandering river, and ancient bridges. Yet, beneath the surface of its postcard-perfect vistas lies an indulgent world of gastronomy waiting to be explored. Dive with us into this culinary adventure as we chart out 17 street … Read more