43 Best Prague Instagram Spots: Photography Guide by Locals

Adriana and Matej Discovering Prague

Written by local experts Adriana & Matěj

Adriana and Matěj Halouskovi are travel bloggers behind the successful blog Czech the World.

Matěj was born in Prague and has lived here his entire life and Adriana moved here 6 years ago.

We have traveled to more than 60 countries, but if we could tell you what place we know the most, it is our city

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best Instagram spots in Prague! The city of a Hundred Spires is not just a feast for the eyes but also a paradise for social media enthusiasts. With its cobblestone streets, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems, Prague offers endless opportunities for capturing that perfect Instagram shot.

Whether you’re standing atop Petřín Hill with the cityscape stretching below you, or you’re wandering through the historic Old Town Square, every corner of Prague is a potential backdrop for a photo that will rake in the likes.

So, grab your camera, and let’s embark with us on a visual journey through Prague’s most photogenic spots. From the world-famous Charles Bridge to the lesser-known nooks and crannies, this guide has got you covered. Get ready to elevate your Instagram game to a whole new level!

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Map of Prague Instagram Spots

Here we have prepared for you a detailed map of Prague Instagram Spots.

1) Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock, or Prague Orloj, is one of the oldest and most intricate astronomical clocks in the world. Situated in the heart of the Old Town Square, it’s a marvel of medieval engineering and a testament to Prague’s rich history. Every hour, crowds gather to witness “The Walk of the Apostles,” a mechanical spectacle that has been enchanting visitors for centuries.

Photo ideas for the Astronomical clock

  • Framing: Use the arches of nearby buildings to frame the clock, creating a “picture within a picture.”
  • Details: Focus on the intricate details of the clock’s face or the figures of the apostles during “The Walk.”
  • Morning/Evening Shot: Capture the warm glow of the clock during the golden hour for a softer, magical feel. Night photos are also magical.
  • Jumping Pic: Have someone jump in the photo to create a dynamic contrast between the static, the historical clock, and the energy of the present moment.
  • Reflections: After rain, the puddles can provide a mirror-like surface for a unique reflective shot of the clock.
  • Snowy Picture: If you are visiting Prague during winter, a layer of snow can add a serene and fairytale look.
  • Selfie: While challenging due to the crowd, a selfie with the clock in the background captures the personal experience of visiting this iconic landmark.
  • From Terasa U Prince: Capture the clock from the Terasa U Prince rooftop bar, incorporating the skyline for a sweeping vista.

Optimal time

The clock draws fewer crowds early in the morning or later in the evening, providing a better frame without the hustle and bustle.

Astronomical Clock

2) Old Town Square: Týnský chrám

Týnský chrám, or the Church of Our Lady Before Týn, is a Gothic church that dramatically punctuates the skyline of Prague’s Old Town Square. Its spires, adorned with multiple layers of spiky protrusions, reach for the heavens and have long been a symbol of the city. The church’s presence in Old Town Square is drawing the gaze of every visitor and framing countless photographs.

Photo Ideas for Týnský chrám

  • Detail Shots: Close-ups of the intricate carvings or stained-glass windows can provide a different perspective on this often-photographed location.
  • Evening Shot: Capture the church as it’s lit up at dusk, providing a warm glow against the darkening sky.
  • Human Element: Include people in the shot to provide a sense of scale to the church’s imposing structure.
  • From the Old Town Hall Tower: This location provides an elevated view of Týnský chrám. The bird’s-eye perspective can offer a novel way to capture the church.
  • Zoom from Far Away: The distinct spires of Týnský chrám are visible from many locations around Prague. Using a telephoto lens, you can isolate the church and create interesting juxtapositions with other landmarks or natural elements like the sunset or (full) moon.
  • Seasonal Shots: Whether it’s Christmas markets or snow, utilize the seasonal elements in the square to add a unique spin to your photo.

Optimal Time

Late afternoon tends to offer good lighting for capturing the intricate details of the church’s facade, while early morning provides fewer crowds.

Týnský Chrám

3) Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, connecting the Old Town to Lesser Town (Malá Strana) across the Vltava River. Built under the auspices of King Charles IV in the 14th century, the bridge is adorned with a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, making it a living gallery of Gothic and Baroque art.

Whether shrouded in mist or glowing in the dawn light, the bridge is a focal point of the city’s historic and architectural landscape. We have the whole article about the Charles Bridge here.

Photo Ideas for Charles Bridge

  • Statue Framing: Use the statues as natural frames to capture scenes on or beyond the bridge.
  • Reflections: Try capturing the bridge’s reflection in the Vltava River, especially during the blue hour when the lights are on, but the sky isn’t completely dark.
  • Close-Ups: Detail shots of the statues or the cobblestone pathway can provide an alternative view.
  • Human Element: Capture the various street performers, and vendors to bring life to your shots (there are usually painters and musicians). You might be also able to meet the lamplighter (during the advent time).
  • Twilight/Sunrise: Not only does the soft light make the magic, but you can also witness early morning fog, which is for sure mystical, or you can catch the red evening sky.
  • From Adjacent Bridges or Riverbanks: For a full view of Charles Bridge, consider shooting from one of the adjacent bridges or the riverbanks.
  • Arch Silhouettes: Position yourself under an arch and shoot toward the light for a dramatic silhouette of the bridge’s architecture (you can do this at Kampa Island).
  • Plus, don’t forget to take a photo of the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.

Optimal Time

Early morning is ideal for avoiding crowds (yes, be there like at 6 AM if you want to be there practically alone). On the other hand, twilight brings a romantic atmosphere (but crowds are still there).

Charles Bridge

4) Prague Castle

Prague Castle, or Pražský hrad, stands as a monumental testament to Czech history and architecture. Dating back to the 9th century, the castle complex includes palaces, churches, and gardens, all set against a backdrop of panoramic vistas of Prague. It also holds the record for the largest castle complex in the world.

Photo Ideas for Prague Castle

  • View from the Old Town: The most iconic pictures of the Prague Castle are taken from this spot at the riverbank of the Vltava River.
  • Changing of the Guard: This ceremony occurs every hour and offers a dynamic scene. Try capturing the precise moment when the guards are in motion for an action shot or focus on their detailed uniforms for a more static composition. 
  • St. Vitus Cathedral: This cathedral is a highlight within the castle; capturing it at an angle where it frames or complements the castle can make for an impressive shot.
  • Detail Shots: Don’t overlook the ornate details in doors, windows, or sculptures within the castle complex.
  • Inside the Complex: Areas like the Old Royal Palace or Golden Lane offer narrower, more intimate scenes that can contrast with the grandiosity of the castle.
  • Gardens: The castle gardens provide a lush foreground for contrast against the stone architecture.
  • Golden Hour: The castle takes on a magical quality when bathed in the soft light of sunrise or sunset.

Optimal Time

Early morning or late afternoon provide the best lighting to capture the castle’s intricate details. For crowd-free shots, aim for early morning.

Prague Castle

5) St. Nicholas Church at Malá Strana

St. Nicholas Church, located in the historic district of Malá Strana, is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Europe. With its green copper dome, lavish interior, and towering bell tower, the church offers a plethora of visual elements to explore, both inside and out.

Photo Ideas for St. Nicholas Church

  • In Context: My favorite way of taking pictures of St. Nicolas is in context. Consider a shot that places the church in the context of Malá Strana, capturing the surrounding architecture or cobblestone streets in the frame.
  • Interior Dome: Capture the intricate frescoes on the dome, possibly using a fisheye lens for a unique perspective.
  • Bell Tower: Isolate the bell tower against the sky or Prague skyline for a more focused composition.
  • Window Light: Inside, try capturing the way light plays through the ornate windows, creating interesting patterns and contrasts.
  • Staircase Composition: If you manage to get access to the bell tower, use its spiral staircase as a leading line towards the bell or window views.

Optimal Time

Interior shots benefit from daytime when natural light pours in through the windows. Early morning or late afternoon are great for capturing the exterior with softer lighting.

St Nicholas Church Prague

6) John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall, located in Malá Strana, is an ever-evolving tapestry of graffiti, song lyrics, and art inspired by themes of peace and love. Originally starting as a form of protest against the Communist regime, it has evolved into a tribute to John Lennon and a symbol of global ideals.

Photo Ideas for John Lennon Wall

  • Textured Close-Ups: Get up close to capture the layers of paint, graffiti, and art, which can give an abstract quality to your photos.
  • Interaction: Capture people in the act of adding their own messages or art to the wall, as it illustrates the wall’s living, interactive nature.
  • Wide Shots: A wider angle capturing the length of the wall can give a sense of its scale and how it fits into its environment.
  • Unique Angle: Given that the wall is flat, getting creative with angles—shooting from a low point upward, for instance—can add interest.

Optimal Time

As there are not usually lines to take the photo, any time of the day is good.

Lennon Wall

7) Petřín Tower

Resembling a mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Petřín Tower is a 63.5-meter-tall steel lookout tower located atop Petřín Hill. Built as a part of the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, it has since become a popular vantage point offering panoramic views of Prague.

Photo Ideas for Petřín Tower

  • Framing of the Tower: Consider capturing the tower framed by trees as you approach it on Petřín Hill.
  • City Panorama: Use the tower’s height to your advantage for citywide shots. Consider a panorama to capture the breadth of the view.
  • Architectural Details: Focus on the tower’s lattice structure for an abstract take.
  • Inside the Tower: The spiral staircase inside offers an interesting compositional element.
  • Human Element: Including people enjoying the view can add an emotional layer to your cityscapes, emphasizing the tower’s role as a viewing platform.

Optimal Time

Sunset or early morning can provide a magical glow to the city beneath, but I am sure you can find the right shot any time of the day.

Petřín Tower

8) Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery is a Premonstratensian abbey founded in 1143. Located in Strahov, Prague, it’s renowned for its stunning library, Baroque architecture, and panoramic views over the city of Prague. The venue is rich in history and provides a tranquil contrast to the bustling city below.

Photo Ideas for Strahov Monastery

This place offers a variety of great photo spots, whether you visit the ancient library or take a panoramic picture of Prague from this elevated area.

  • Library Interior: The Theological and Philosophical Halls are not to be missed. A wide-angle lens can capture intricate details and grandeur.
  • Courtyard: It offers a serene backdrop with its cobblestones and Baroque details. Consider a black-and-white shot for a timeless feeling.
  • City Overlook: Capture sweeping views of the city with Prague Castle in the background.
  • Brewery: The monastery’s brewery offers an entirely different subject matter. A close-up of beer with historical architecture in the background can be intriguing.

Optimal Time

The monastery’s elevation makes it a good spot for either sunrise or sunset photos. For interior shots, especially the library, check the opening hours.

Strahov Monastery

9) A view of the Prague Castle from Bedřich Smetana Statue

I think that this place is a perfect photo spot to capture the Prague Castle! It is just a little detour from the King’s Road near the Charles Bridge, but it is definitely worth it!

Photo Ideas for the viewpoint of the Prague Castle

  • Reflections in the River: If the Vltava River is relatively calm, you can capture the blurry reflection of the castle.
  • Long Exposure: For a more artistic shot, consider a long exposure to smooth out the water in the river, which can add a serene element to the composition.
  • Dynamic Sky: Utilize an interesting sky, such as one with dramatic clouds or color gradients, to add another layer to your shot.
  • Twilight Capture: As the castle lights come on, a twilight shot can add a magical quality to the scene.

Optimal Time

When it comes to the sun, morning shots will be better. However, the sunset, the blue hour, and the evening in Prague are also not disappointing.

Prague View

10) Dancing House

Known locally as “Ginger and Fred,” the Dancing House is a modern building designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić. Completed in 1996, this deconstructivist-style building adds a contemporary twist to Prague’s otherwise historic cityscape. Find out more about the Dancing House.

Photo Ideas for Dancing House

  • Kick it: A creative way of photographing the Dancing House with you or your friends in the picture is kicking it, which looks hilarious thanks to the house’s shape. A great place, where to shoot from is this statue.
  • Dance in Front of It: Dancing House was inspired by 2 dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, so try to make the dance moves in front of it.
  • Catch the tram: The red Tram passing by adds a dynamic element to the photo.
  • Black and White: Given its modern architecture, the Dancing House can look striking in a black-and-white composition, emphasizing its form over its color.
  • Long Exposure: To add more dynamic elements, consider a long exposure to capture the flow of traffic or clouds moving across the sky.
  • Rooftop view: The Glass Bar has a glazed interior with a beautiful rooftop view of Prague Castle, the Vltava River, and the National Theater.
  • Mirroring: After rain, the puddles can provide a mirror-like surface for a unique reflective shot of the Dancing House.

Optimal Time

Practically anytime during the day.

Dancing House

11) View from Letná (Over the Bridges)

The Letná area provides one of the most famous panoramic vistas of Prague, especially its bridges spanning the Vltava River. The scene encapsulates the blend of architectural styles and the natural beauty of the city, making it a must-visit spot for any photography enthusiast.

Photo Ideas for Letná

  • Multiple Bridges: Line up your shot to capture more than one bridge, which can create a sense of depth and layering.
  • Time-lapse or Long Exposure: Capture the flow of traffic and boats to add a dynamic element to your static shot.
  • Aerial Perspective: If you have a drone and can legally use it, an aerial perspective can offer a unique view not commonly seen.

Optimal Time

Sunrise and sunset are classic options for dramatic skies and softer lighting.

Prague Bridges

12) St. Vitus Cathedral

Located within the Prague Castle complex, St. Vitus Cathedral is an exemplary piece of Gothic architecture that dates back to the 14th century. Its intricate facades, stunning stained-glass windows, and towering spires make it a photographer’s dream.

Photo Ideas for St. Vitus Cathedral

  • Spires Against the Sky: A shot focusing on the spires can offer a minimalist yet dramatic view, especially if the sky is dynamic.
  • Stained Glass: The cathedral’s stained-glass windows are works of art themselves. An interior shot capturing the light through the glass can be mesmerizing.
  • Doorways and Arches: Use the various doorways and arches to frame other elements like altars, pulpits, or even visitors.
  • Wide Shot from Afar: Capture the cathedral in the context of the Prague Castle complex for a grander sense of scale.

Optimal Time

If you go for interior photos, here you can check the opening hours. Morning or late afternoon offers the best natural light for capturing the cathedral’s intricate details.

St Vitus Cathedral

13) Old Town Hall at the Old Town Square

Although the Old Town Hall is famous mainly for the astronomical Clock, there are many more photos you can do.

Photo Ideas for Old Town Hall

  • Shooting from the Town Hall Tower: The view from the tower is amazing – I can highly recommend visiting the Town Hall Tower.
  • Interior of the Town Hall: The interiors of the Old Town Hall are often overlooked. Concentrate on architectural elements such as staircases, ceilings, or stained-glass windows. The interior spaces are generally darker, so consider using a wider aperture and higher ISO settings.
  • Town Hall and Plague Column: From the opposite side of the square, you can capture the Town Hall along with the Plague Column. This angle allows you to create a composition where both elements interact, adding historical context to the image.
  • White Crosses on the Ground: The white crosses in front of the Town Hall mark a historically significant spot where 27 Protestant leaders were executed in 1621. Capturing these crosses in the foreground can add depth and historical context to your images of the Town Hall.
  • Square’s Activity: Include the bustling activity of the square to provide context. Buskers, tourists, and market stalls can add vibrancy.

Optimal Time

Early morning to avoid crowds.

Old Town Square

14) Náplavka Riverbank

Náplavka Riverbank is a buzzing spot along the Vltava River that’s known for its unique blend of leisure activities, bars, and food stalls. Unique are its reconstructed underground spaces “kobky”. Many times, there are markets too. It’s a favored destination for both tourists and locals looking to unwind and soak in views of the river and the city.

Photo Ideas for Náplavka

  • Circular Windows: The round glass windows are a unique architectural feature and can serve as a compelling focal point. Experiment with framing other elements of the scene, like the river or sunset, through these windows.
  • Detail Shots: The rounded glass can create interesting reflections and distortions. Consider close-up shots that capture these effects.
  • Street Life: Capture the bustling activity of the food stalls, bars, and street performers to show the lively atmosphere.
  • River and Skyline: Compose shots that include the river in the foreground and the Prague skyline, including any notable buildings, in the background.

Optimal Time

Sunsets at Náplavka can be very nice. In general, there are more events during weekends.

Náplavka Riverbank

15) A Moving Sculpture of Franz Kafka’s Head

The moving sculpture of Franz Kafka’s head is a contemporary art piece located in Prague. Created by Czech artist David Černý, the 42-layer sculpture captivates both locals and tourists alike. Made of stainless steel and constantly rotating, the sculpture is both a tribute to Kafka and a reflection on the complexity and fluidity of identity.

Photo Ideas for Franz Kafka’s Head

  • Monochrome: Given its metallic nature, the sculpture could look particularly striking in black and white.
  • Time-lapse: If you have the equipment and time, a time-lapse could spectacularly show the rotations and how the sculpture changes over a period.
  • Capturing Movement: The sculpture’s layers are in constant rotation. Use a slower shutter speed to capture this movement and create a sense of fluidity.
  • Light and Reflection: The metallic surface offers different reflections throughout the day.

Optimal Time

Anytime during the day.

Franz Kafka Rotating Head

16) Klementinum and its Library

Klementinum is one of Prague’s expansive historical complexes, encompassing everything from a Baroque library to an astronomical tower. Established by Jesuits in the 16th century, it now houses the Czech National Library and is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Photo Ideas for Klementinum

  • Limited Light: The interiors are dimly lit to protect ancient manuscripts, so consider a lens with a wide aperture (no flash is allowed).
  • Library Ceiling: Capture the ornate ceiling and frescoes. Using a wide-angle lens will allow you to get more of the room into your frame.
  • Perspective: The library’s long, arched hallways provide opportunities for symmetrical shots or vanishing point perspectives.
  • Astronomical Tower: The tower offers panoramic views of Prague, so consider shots that include both the old and new parts of the city.

Optimal Time

During the opening hours (for interior photography).

43 Best Prague Instagram Spots: Photography Guide by Locals
Picture by: BrunoDelzant @Flickr

17) Žižkov Television Tower

The Žižkov Television Tower is a unique architectural landmark in Prague, standing at 216 meters (709 feet). Designed by architect Václav Aulický and structural engineer Jiří Kozák, it’s a departure from Prague’s more classical architecture. Apart from its broadcasting functions, it also offers an observation deck with panoramic views of the city.

Photo Ideas for Žižkov Tower

  • Scale and Proportion: The tower is much taller than its surrounding buildings. Use this contrast to emphasize its height and unique form. Žižkov tower can be photographed from quite a distance (depending on your zoom).
  • Baby Statues: Don’t miss the crawling baby statues, an installation by Czech artist David Černý, located on the tower.
  • Observation Deck: Take advantage of the height to capture aerial shots of Prague.
  • Interior Details: The tower’s interior is just as unique as its exterior. Look for architectural details or artwork to capture.

Optimal Time

Anytime for outdoor photos, or interiors during opening hours.

Žižkov Television Tower

18) “Endless” Tower of Books in Municipal Library

This remarkable art installation resides in the Municipal Library of Prague. This cylindrical tower, made of stacked books with a mirrored ceiling and floor, creates the illusion of infinity. The installation “Idiom” captivates visitors by drawing them into a seemingly never-ending vortex of knowledge.

Photo Ideas for Tower of Books

  • Illusion of Depth: To best capture the “endless” nature of the installation, you may want to use a wide aperture and focus on a midpoint in the tower, allowing the rest to softly blur.
  • Mirror selfie: There is a mirror in the tunnel, creating the “endless” effect.
  • Photo with the Tower: The tower itself is an interesting piece of art even from the outside.
  • Close-ups: Capture the individual books to highlight the variety and details, which can be especially vivid if the books have unique covers or spines.

Optimal Time

Anytime during the opening hours. If you want to avoid the crowds, come early in the morning or in the evening.

43 Best Prague Instagram Spots: Photography Guide by Locals

19) Fanta’s Building at Prague Main Train Station

Fanta’s Building, designed by Czech architect Josef Fanta and completed in 1909, serves as the historic section of Prague’s main train station. The Art Nouveau building is renowned for its elaborate façade and interior decorations, and it stands as a counterpoint to the more modern elements of the station.

Photo Ideas for Fanta’s Building

  • Architectural Details: The building features ornate Art Nouveau designs. Zoom in to capture these intricate elements in both the façade and interior.
  • Contrast with Modernity: The historical architecture stands in stark contrast to the modern station around it. Capturing this juxtaposition can provide compelling narratives.
  • Wide-Angle Shots: Use a wide-angle lens to capture the grandeur of the building along with its busy surroundings.

Optimal Time

Anytime during the day.

Fantas Building - Prague Main station

20) Lesser Town Bridge Towers

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower stands at the end of Charles Bridge on the side closer to Prague Castle. Built in the 12th and 15th centuries and later modified, it provides views of the Vltava River and the Old Town. It’s a vantage point that blends history with breathtaking scenery.

Photo Ideas for Lesser Town Bridge Towers

  • A view of the Towers from the Charles Bridge: My favorite photo is of both towers from the bridge.
  • Architectural Detail: Gothic architecture provides numerous opportunities for capturing intricate stonework and arches.
  • Panoramic Views: From the tower, you can capture expansive views of the surrounding area. A wide-angle lens or panoramic mode may be ideal here.
  • Interior Shots: The tower has a stairwell and inner chambers that also offer interesting photographic subjects.
  • River and Sky: The tower provides a great vantage point for capturing the Vltava River along with the sky, especially during sunrise or sunset.
  • Vertical Panorama: Given the tower’s height, a vertical panorama can be a unique way to capture everything while you are close to the tower.

Optimal Time

Early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Lesser Town Bridge Towers

21) Old Jewish Cemetery

Located in Prague’s Jewish Quarter, the Old Jewish Cemetery dates back to the 15th century and is one of the oldest Jewish burial grounds in Europe. It’s notable for its densely packed tombstones, which number in the thousands. The cemetery is a poignant reminder of the historical Jewish community in Prague and offers a tranquil yet somber atmosphere.

Photo Ideas for the Old Jewish Cemetery

  • Low Angles: Shooting from a lower angle can make the tombstones loom larger, adding to the gravity of the scene.
  • Wide Shots: Capturing the cemetery in a wide shot can help convey the density and scale of the place.
  • Textural Details: Close-ups of the engravings and stonework can capture the aging process and the passage of time.
  • Leading Lines: The rows of tombstones can serve as leading lines, guiding the viewer’s eye through the composition.
  • Black and White: Monochrome images can emphasize the historical and somber atmosphere of the cemetery.
  • Weather Elements: Fog, snow, or dappled sunlight can add a different mood to your photos, enhancing the contemplative nature of the place.

Optimal Time

Any time of the day.

Old Jewish Cemetery

22) Powder Tower

The Powder Tower is one of the original city gates leading into Old Town Prague. With its dark, ornate facade and intricate sculptures, it serves as a sentinel at the boundary between the Old and New Towns. Once served as a gunpowder storage facility, hence its name.

Photo Ideas for the Powder Tower

  • Details and Gothic Elements: Take advantage of the tower’s Gothic architecture. Look for intricate designs, spires, and archways to focus on.
  • Context: Show the tower in the context of the bustling city or the nearby Municipal House.
  • Through the Arch: Use the archways of the tower to frame other parts of the city, like the adjacent Municipal House or the cobblestone streets.
  • Night Photography: The tower is beautifully lit at night, offering opportunities for long-exposure shots.

Optimal Time

If you would like to climb to the tower, check the opening hours.

Powder Tower

23) Municipal House

Let’s move just next to the Powder Tower. The Municipal House is one of Prague’s finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture. Built in the early 20th century, it serves both as a civic building and a concert hall. With its extravagant facade, golden trimmings, and intricate mosaics, the Municipal House is a must-see for any visitor interested in architecture and history.

Photo Ideas for the Municipal House

  • Art Nouveau Flourish: The building’s ornate details are prime subjects. Focus on the mosaics, sculptures, and stained glass for close-up shots.
  • Interior Spaces: Don’t miss the opulent interior. The grand staircase, chandeliers, and ornate ceilings offer numerous photo opportunities.
  • A shot from the Náměstí Republiky: Except for the typical photo with the Powder Tower, try also taking a photo from Náměstí Republiky.

Optimal Time

Any time during the day. For interiors, check the opening hours and tickets.

Municipal House

24) Wenceslas Square with the National Museum

Wenceslas Square is a vibrant, elongated plaza situated in the heart of Prague’s New Town. Named after Saint Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia, it’s more of a boulevard than a traditional square. Lined with shops, cafes, and historical buildings, it culminates at one end with the grand National Museum. This square has been a focal point for many significant historical events, including demonstrations, celebrations, and even revolutions.

Photo Ideas for Wenceslas Square

  • National Museum: Use the museum as a backdrop for shots at the end of the square. Its grandeur can add gravitas to your photos.
  • Iconic Focus: The statue of Saint Wenceslas atop his horse is one of the most iconic images associated with the square.
  • Scale and Perspective: Given the square’s size and shape, a wide-angle lens could help capture its scale. Consider using the lines of the buildings and streets to guide the eye toward the National Museum.
  • Human Element: The square is often bustling with people, which can add a dynamic layer to your shots.

Optimal Time

For softer light and fewer crowds, early morning is best. If you’re interested in the bustling atmosphere, midday to early evening will showcase the square’s vibrancy.

Wenceslas Square

25) National Theatre

The National Theatre in Prague stands as a symbol of Czech national identity and cultural heritage. Designed in the neo-Renaissance style, the theater is an essential institution for the performing arts, hosting opera, ballet, and drama. Its golden roof and richly ornamented facade make it a photographer’s dream and a must-visit location in the city.

Photo Ideas for the National Theatre

  • Architectural Grandeur: Capture the building’s elaborate facade and golden roof using a wide-angle lens, which can help encompass its entirety.
  • Interior Shots: If possible try to visit some opera or play, the interior of the theater is magnificent. Grand staircases and chandeliers make for excellent subjects.
  • River View: The theater is situated near the Vltava River and capturing it with the river in the foreground is simply nice.
  • Boat View: For a unique perspective, consider taking a boat tour on the Vltava River of the theater.
  • Night Reflection: Use the river’s surface for a mirrored shot. Evening shots are gorgeous.

Optimal Time

Golden hour is ideal for capturing the theater’s golden roof and intricate facade in soft, glowing light.

National Theatre

26) Emmaus Monastery

The Emmaus Monastery is a remarkable historical site in Prague’s New Town, founded in the 14th century. It’s unique for its blend of Gothic and modern architectural elements, especially its colorful, avant-garde frescoes that adorn its interior. The monastery offers a quiet respite from the city’s bustling streets and serves as a fascinating backdrop for photography.

Photo Ideas for Emmaus Monastery

  • Architectural Blend: Make sure to capture the juxtaposition of Gothic and modern elements in your shots.
  • Frescoes: The avant-garde frescoes inside offer rich colors and intricate designs that can be a highlight of your photo collection.
  • Cloister: The cloister and the garden can be great for balanced, serene compositions.

Optimal Time

For exterior shots, early morning or late afternoon would offer the best natural light.

Emmaus Monastery

27) Staircase to Charles Bridge at Kampa

The staircase leading up to Charles Bridge from the Kampa area is often overlooked. Although Kampa’s cobblestoned pathway adorned with historic lanterns creates a sense of journey, making these stairs the perfect photo spot.

Photo Ideas for Staircase to Charles Bridge

  • Historic Lanterns: These can serve as focal points or be used to frame the staircase.
  • Symmetry: Use the railings or lanterns to create symmetrical compositions.
  • Depth: A shallow depth of field could help emphasize the steps or lanterns, blurring out the background.
  • Perfect background for “people pictures”

Optimal Time

Early morning is optimal for avoiding crowds and for soft lighting. If you’re going for a more dramatic or romantic mood, twilight or early evening could work well, especially with the lanterns lit.

Kampa Staircase

28) Trója Chateau

Trója Chateau is a Baroque palace located in the Troja neighborhood of Prague. Built in the 17th century, it’s known for its ornate architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens. The chateau serves as a venue for art exhibitions and is surrounded by the Troja Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, making it a multifaceted attraction.

Photo Ideas for Trója Chateau

  • Gardens and Façade: The gardens offer a lush foreground for photographs of the chateau’s intricate façade.
  • Artistic Elements: Don’t overlook the statues, fountains, and other ornate elements in your compositions.
  • Interior: If you can gain access, the interior halls and artwork offer additional photographic opportunities.

Optimal Time

Any time of the day. For interior photography, check the chateau’s schedule as it often hosts events and exhibitions.

Troja Chateau

29) The narrowest alley in Prague

Located in Lesser Town (Malá Strana), Prague’s narrowest alley is so slim that it comes equipped with its own pedestrian traffic light system. This quirky feature is 50 cm (20 inches) wide at its narrowest point and is nestled between historic buildings. It’s a fun challenge for photographers who wish to capture the essence of Prague’s eccentricities.

Photo Ideas for Narrowest alley in Prague

  • Vertical Shots: A vertical orientation will emphasize the length of the alley.
  • Traffic Light: Incorporate the pedestrian light for added quirkiness.
  • Human Element: Wait for someone to walk through (with their consent for the photo, of course) to provide a sense of scale.

Optimal Time

Due to its limited space, early morning or late evening are preferable to avoid crowds. Lighting will generally be indirect due to the surrounding buildings, so you may have a broader time range than usual for good exposure.

30) Upside-down Horse Sculpture

The Upside-down Horse Sculpture, located in Lucerna Palace’s atrium, is a modern art installation that creates a striking contrast to Prague’s predominantly classical and baroque architecture. Created by Czech artist David Černý, this inverted equestrian statue is a satirical take on the traditional heroic equestrian statues found throughout Europe.

Photo Ideas for Upside-down Horse Sculpture

  • Silhouettes: Positioning the sculpture against a source of light can create a powerful silhouette.
  • Interactions: The unusual nature of the sculpture often elicits interesting reactions from people; capturing these can add a dynamic element to your photo.
  • Detail: The sculpture is intricate; close-up shots can reveal aspects that are easily overlooked.

Optimal Time

The atrium is indoors but well-lit, so the time of day is less critical here.

Upside Down Horse

31) Stromovka Park

Stromovka Park is one of Prague’s largest and most beloved parks, originally established as a royal hunting ground. Today, it serves as an urban oasis, featuring ponds, wide-open spaces, wooded areas, and even some historical architecture, making it a versatile backdrop for photography.

Photo Ideas for Stromovka Park

  • Use of Natural Light: The park’s various landscapes, from open fields to wooded areas, offer different lighting conditions to play with.
  • Human Activity: The park is often buzzing with activity—cyclists, joggers, families—which can add a lively element to your photos.
  • Reflections: The park’s ponds offer opportunities for mirrored landscape shots.
  • Seasonal Shifts: Consider highlighting the changing seasons—the colorful foliage in autumn, snow-covered landscapes in winter, or blooming flowers in spring.

Optimal Time

Any time during the day.

Stromovka Park

32) Vyšehrad

Located on a hill overlooking the Vltava River, Vyšehrad is often considered Prague’s “second castle.” It holds a special place in Czech mythology and history and is home to the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, as well as the Vyšehrad Cemetery, where many notable Czech figures are buried.

Photo Ideas for Vyšehrad Castle

  • River and Prague Castle View: Vyšehrad offers a less common but stunning view of the Vltava River, and this can be a unique vantage point for cityscapes. If you have a good zoom lens, the beautiful view of Prague Castle is from the stairs leading from/to the Vltava River.
  • Black and White: Given its historical gravitas, consider black and white shots for a more timeless feel, particularly in the cemetery.
  • Architectural Elements: From gothic church spires to fortified walls, the architecture is varied and offers numerous compositions.

Optimal Time

For outdoor shots, the golden hours provide excellent lighting conditions.


33) Golden Lane

Golden Lane is a quaint, cobblestone street lined with colorful, small-scale houses. Originally built in the 16th century to house castle guards, it eventually became home to goldsmiths, artists, and even alchemists. Today, it stands as a preserved example of historical Prague.

Photo Ideas for Golden Lane

  • Color Palette: The houses are painted in vibrant colors, and capturing this variety can add a lively element to your shots.
  • Perspective: The lane is narrow, but that also means you can experiment with low or high angles to make the houses appear more grand or whimsical.
  • Doorway Shots: Many houses have unique doorways; framing a shot around these can make for an interesting composition.
  • Crowd Dynamics: This is a popular spot, so you might either go early to avoid crowds or use them to convey the area’s popularity.

Optimal Time

Early mornings for less crowd interference.

Golden Lane

34) Yellow Penguins at Kampa

The Yellow Penguins at Kampa Park are a contemporary art installation by the Cracking Art Group. Lined up along the edge of the Vltava River, these plastic sculptures serve both as a whimsical attraction and as a statement on environmental issues, particularly the use of recycled plastics.

Photo Ideas for Yellow Penguins at Kampa

  • Line-Up: Capture the penguins in a row, using a narrow aperture to keep them all in focus, leading the viewer’s eye through the image.
  • Close-ups and Details: These penguins are full of textures and contours; a close-up can showcase these details against the smooth backdrop of water or sky.
  • Evening Lights: If you stay till dusk, the city lights and even the sculptures themselves may be lit, adding a different dimension to your images.

Optimal Time

Early morning or late afternoon.

Kampa Yellow Penguins

35) View of Prague from Hradčanské náměstí

Hradčanské náměstí is a spacious square offering one of the most classic vistas of Prague. With Prague Castle at your back, the panoramic view from this spot includes landmarks like Charles Bridge, the Vltava River, and various spires and rooftops that make up the city’s skyline.

Photo Ideas for View from Hradčanské náměstí

  • Panorama: This is an ideal spot for a wide-angle lens to capture the breadth of the cityscape below.
  • Nightfall: Capturing Prague as it lights up can provide a magical atmosphere. Use a tripod for longer exposures.

Optimal Time

Early mornings will offer softer light and fewer crowds. However, twilight and the early evening are excellent for capturing the city as it lights up.

Prague View from Hradčanské náměstí

36) Faceless Babies at Kampa

There are more sculptures near the Yellow Penguins. Mega Babies is an art installation that consists of giant, faceless baby sculptures crawling along Kampa Island in Prague. Created by renowned Czech artist David Černý, these bronze statues serve as a provocative and somewhat eerie addition to the otherwise picturesque environment.

Photo Ideas for Mega Babies at Kampa

  • Scale and Perspective: Given their large size, capturing the babies with the surrounding landscape or people can emphasize their imposing scale.
  • Angle and Positioning: The crawling pose of the babies offers numerous angles for photography.
  • Interaction: Including people (or pets) interacting with the sculptures can add a touch of whimsy or depth, depending on the nature of the interaction.

Optimal Time

Any time of the day.

Faceless Babies Kampa

37) Franciscan Garden

The Franciscan Garden is a peaceful park located between Wenceslas Square and Jungmann Square. It’s a blend of well-maintained flower beds, trees, and sculptures. The garden is a favored spot for both locals and tourists looking for a moment of tranquility amid the urban hustle.

Photo Ideas for Franciscan Garden

  • Nature and Architecture: The garden’s landscaping contrasts beautifully with the surrounding architecture. Consider capturing this juxtaposition in your shots.
  • Symmetry and Paths: The garden is laid out in a symmetrical fashion, with well-defined paths. Use these lines to guide the viewer’s eye through your composition.
  • Close-ups: Whether it’s flowers in bloom or the textures of the statues, there’s a wealth of detail to explore in close-up shots.

Optimal Time

Early morning offers softer light and fewer people.

Franciscan Garden

38) Náměstí Míru

Náměstí Míru, which translates to “Peace Square,” is known for its grand neo-Gothic Church of St. Ludmila and the sprawling park that accompanies it. The square is a hub of activity, hosting events, markets, and outdoor performances. It’s a location where architectural elegance meets urban vitality.

Photo Ideas for Náměstí míru

  • Church Focal Point: The Church of St. Ludmila is an architectural marvel and serves as a natural focal point. Experiment with different angles to highlight its Gothic features.
  • Vertical Shots: Given the height of the church, vertical compositions can help emphasize its towering presence.
  • Park Scenery: The park provides a green canvas that can contrast beautifully with the urban elements. Use it to add color and life to your shots.
  • Street Life: This square is often buzzing with activities like markets or festivals. Capturing these events can add a layer of vibrancy and context to your photos (btw. there are beautiful Christmas markets).
  • Night Photography: The area is well lit at night, especially the church.

Optimal Time

Early morning provides a quieter atmosphere and soft lighting, which is excellent for capturing architectural details.

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39) Catch Historical Red Trams

Adding an element like Prague’s iconic red trams can bring a dynamic touch to your photos. Especially the historical line 42.

Photo Ideas for Prague’s Trams

  • Dynamic Motion: Use a slower shutter speed to capture the tram’s motion, adding a sense of dynamism to the image. Make sure to maintain a steady hand or use a tripod.
  • Leading Lines: The tram tracks can serve as leading lines, guiding the viewer’s eye towards a subject or focal point.
  • Contextual Framing: Frame the tram so that it complements other elements in the square. For example, you can shoot the tram passing by with the park or church in the background.
  • Passenger Interaction: A shot capturing passengers getting on or off can add a human element, providing a narrative layer to your photo.

Optimal Time

Any time.

Prague Historical Tram

40) Wallenstein Garden

The Wallenstein Garden is an ornate Baroque space located next to the Wallenstein Palace. Known for its geometrically precise hedges, mythological statues, and an enormous artificial grotto, the garden is the epitome of luxurious design from the 17th century. The space is often used for concerts and other cultural events, adding to its allure.

Photo Ideas for Wallenstein Garden

  • Statue and Sculpture: The garden is home to several intricate statues and sculptures. These can serve as strong focal points in your compositions.
  • Geometric Design: The garden’s geometrical layout offers opportunities for symmetrical compositions and interesting framing.
  • Grotto Wall: The artificial dripstone wall is a unique feature. Its textures and shapes can provide an interesting backdrop or subject for close-ups.
  • Cultural Events: If your visit coincides with a concert or event, capturing it in the setting of the garden can offer a unique perspective.

Optimal Time

Early morning will give you soft lighting and fewer visitors, allowing you to capture the garden’s details without distractions. Late afternoon can provide a warmer tone, highlighting the garden’s luxurious aspects.

Wallenstein Garden

41) Grébovka Fountain and Park

Located in the Havlíčkovy Sady Park, Grebovka Fountain is one of Prague’s hidden gems. The park itself is a beautifully landscaped area modeled after Italian Renaissance gardens. The fountain serves as a scenic focal point, making it a popular spot for both photography and relaxation.

Photo Ideas for Grébovka

  • Water Features: The fountain’s water dynamics provide an opportunity for creativity. Use varying shutter speeds to capture the movement of the water in different ways.
  • Natural Frame: Surrounding trees and foliage can be used to naturally frame the fountain, adding depth to your composition.
  • Long Exposure: Consider using a long exposure to make the water appear silky smooth, contrasting with the solid structure of the fountain.

Optimal Time

Early morning or late afternoon offers softer lighting conditions, which can help in reducing harsh shadows and highlights.


42) Spanish Synagogue

Located in the Jewish Quarter, the Spanish Synagogue is renowned for its stunning Moorish interior, featuring intricate patterns and elaborate designs. It is one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe and serves both as a place of worship and a museum dedicated to the history of the Jews in Bohemia.

Photo Ideas for Spanish Synagogue

  • Interior Details: The synagogue is rich in ornate patterns and colors. Focusing on these details can make for very compelling photography.
  • Stained Glass: The windows in the synagogue are incredibly vibrant. If possible, capturing the light streaming through them can add a dramatic layer to your images.
  • Architectural Symmetry: The synagogue’s design offers symmetrical opportunities for balanced and harmonious shots.

Optimal Time

The best time for interior shots would be when the synagogue is less crowded, often during weekday mornings.

Spanish Synagogue

Bonus: Prague at Night

Prague is often described as a fairytale city, and this sense of magic is amplified once the sun sets. The city’s iconic landmarks, cobblestone streets, and Vltava River take on a new character under the glow of streetlights, moonlight, and the city’s various illuminations.

Prague at Night

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